Who are we?


Company overview

Medicinaplast is an Algerian company, found in 2005, by Aissaoui brothers. The company established it's offices in Setif, oneof the biggest Algerian cities, located 300 km from the capital Algiers.

The company works in the field of import / distribution of medical, parapharmaceutical, childcare and child nutrition devices. It constantly invests in its relations with professionals in the field to offer the highest quality products on the market.

Commercial name:
SARL Medicinaplast
Creation date:
Contact details:
Coop Immo Omar Ben Abdelaziz Lot .1 N° 11
19000 Sétif Algérie
+213 (0) 36 83 99 48 / 49
+213 (0) 36 83 99 65
Commercial register:
N° 05BO086332
Bank accounts:
Natixis Algérie (Agence Sétif 2)
Account number: 00192 - 414 284 2002 / 92
The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance Algeria (Sétif Branch)
Account number: 104 220 140 0000 179 / 76
Medicinaplast is the exclusive representative of several internationally renowned partners.

Our skills

Our company has lead its business, based on:

  • A skilled, experienced and responsive stuff.
  • Appropriate material means, well maintained and renewed.
  • Ability to find solutions to adapt to different constraints.

Medicina Plast combines extensive operational skills and expertise in the paramedical field. It is composed of permanent responsives, capable of finding solutions and developing specific tools for each situation. The team of Medicina Plast consists of fifteen (15) employees and is organized as follows:

  • (01) CEO
  • (01) GM
  • (01) Sales Manager
  • (01) Pharmacist Technical Director
  • (01) Equipment Technical Director
  • (01) Accounting Manager
  • (02) Commercial Agents
  • (03) Stock Managers
  • (03) Drivers
The size of a company is measured by the value of its stakeholders. We do the necessary to give everyone the possibility to develop their potential.

Our values

Our values are a common reference point for all our stakeholders, with the aim to share and integrate them into the work and everyday relationships. Medicinaplast is guided by strong values, a simple philosophy and strict ethical rules.


A permanent research to improve our products and our proceedings permitted to build a strong image for the company.

Respect for commitments

The main trust that Medicinaplast has with its customers, partners and suppliers is based on its respect for commitments.

Social and environmental responsibility

Consideration of social and environmental impacts in our business.

We are convinced that there can be no successful business without solid values